Thematic Object ICoP

Thematic Object ICoP

The Laboratoire de Biotechnologie de l'Environnement is divided into 5 thematic objects (TO). You will find below the different research axes of the second TO : TO Engineering and Process Coupling (ICoP) .

The ICoP Thematic Object (Engineering and Process Coupling) combines the laboratory's skills in Process and Microbiological Engineering. The main research issues concern the understanding of the key mechanisms and processes involved in (bio)processes (physico-chemical and biological reactions involved in the destructuring of organic matter, action of abiotic parameters on chemical and microbial kinetics, interaction between transfer mechanisms and microbial kinetics...) and the optimization of (bio)processes and their interconnections for a better management of trade-offs and services rendered. All the technological building blocks implemented and their integration in the framework of environmental biorefineries are studied: bioprocesses (fermentation, anaerobic digestion, biomethanation, microalgae culture...), physico-chemical and biological pre-treatment, post-treatment and extraction processes applied to inputs or products from biological reactors.



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