Thematic Object SAMI

Thematic Object SAMI

The Laboratoire de Biotechnologie de l'Environnement is divided into 5 thematic objects (OT). You will find below the different research axes of the fourth : TO System, Analysis, Modeling and Informatics (SAMI).

The System, Analysis, Modeling and Informatic team is 'transversal'.


It aims at developing methods and tools in the fields of data acquisition, processing and management, applied mathematics and computer science. Including statistical analysis and the production of data, in particular to provide information to environmental assessment approaches, it developes softwares and prototypes for other research groups and new methodologies. Its main activities revolve around the development of i) new modeling approaches aimed at integrating interactions between microorganisms and the constraints related to thermodynamics, ii) innovative information systems for the processing of large quantities of heterogeneous data, iii) instrumentation, including chemometrics and iv) control systems for microbial ecosystems and bioprocesses, especially under anaerobic conditio



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