Physico-chemical and biological pretreatments of solid residues

Bioconversion of solid residues may be limited by the low accessibility of fermentable compounds. We are studying the combination of anaerobic digestion and fermentation with physico-chemical (thermal, thermo-chemical, sonication, microvawe) and biological (enzymatic and aerobic process with fungi or complex consortia) treatments of various substrates (lignocellulosic biomass, sludge, algae, animal by-products, manures). Research works aim to enhance biogas or hydrogen and fermentation metabolites while understanding modification of biomass properties during pretreatment process. 


Hélène Carrère, Audrey Battimelli, Diana Garcia-Bernet

Modification date : 18 July 2023 | Publication date : 26 September 2017 | Redactor : LBE