Organic micropollutants

Removal of organic micropollutants

Organic contaminants (pharmaceuticals, detergents, plasticizers, hydrocarbons, hormones, microplastics) are well recognized to be present in wastewaters and solid wastes. Our research goals are (i) to understand and model their fate during wastewater and solid waste treatments thanks to their bioavailability assessment and (ii) to reduce their impacts in the receiving agroecosystems. To do so, we design lab-scale experiment to quantify their presence in organic/inorganic bearing phases with various chemical accessibility, well characterized all along the sludge treatment train, i.e. anaerobic digestion and compost. We also work onto in silico approaches to estimate their potential impacts based on easy-to-obtain molecular descriptors and to cluster organic contaminants according to these molecular descriptors and/or behavioral parameters.



Dominique Patureau

Modification date: 18 July 2023 | Publication date: 26 September 2017 | By: LBE