BIO2E Platform

BIO2E Platform

Environmental solutions for the treatment and the valorization of emissions linked with human activities
  • 3500m² of laboratories and technological halls
  • Cutting-edge analytical and experimental equipment
  • A multidisciplinary staff of experts from industry and academia and public research

Based on the experience and know-how of LBE, a major player in research, development and transfer in the fields of depollution, bioenergy and the development of bio-resources for 30 years. BIO2E platform encompasses the collaborative research activities of the LBE and the technology transfer and services activities of its business unit ITE (INRA Transfert Environnement), created in 2007.


Fonctionnement de la plateforme BIO2E

ITE was the first business unit launched by an INRA laboratory based on in-house know-how for satisfying demand on short term studies by socio-economic stakeholders.


  1. To provide to our partners (academic, industrial or social actors) technical support and expertise to answer in a pertinent and rapid manner demands in the area of environmental biotechnology.
  2. To guarantee the interface for the transfer of LBE’s research results into valuable applications, by the identification and overcome of gaps and barriers in the LBE’s research to innovation pathway

Offer of services

  • Collaborative and partnership-based research (proof of concept, mid to long term studies offer: /Partnerships ).
  • Experimental services and feasibility studies (offer: ).
  • Analytical services linked to environmental science, in particular anaerobic digestion: physicochemical and microbiological analysis (waste and wastewater), BMP, biogas analysis, micro-pollutants, industrial digester follow-up, (catalogue: ).
  • Hosting: technological halls and laboratories in LBE’s and access to a business incubator and business park thanks to our attachment to the PMI, Mediterranean Innovation Park;
  • Technological and scientific expertise;
  • Training, scientific and technical workshops or congresses organization for both academic and industrial sectors.

Exprimental ressources

from fundamental research to technology transfer

  • Biological reactors (aerobic, anaerobic, micro-algae) from 1L to 1m3
  • Complementary treatment pilots for optimization of biological processes: grinding, ozonation, ultra sounds, etc.
  • Advanced analytical equipment for substrates and microflora characterization and processes’ ’performance follow-up.

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